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Fire Signaling and Security Systems The Detector SMOKE / FIRE / GAS / CO / WATER / HEAT DETECTION SYSTEMS DESIGN & OEM TOOLING & PLASTIC INJECTION www.wizmart.com About , 由數個子公司及歐美策略夥伴組 成。在精密安全傳感產業上含蓋電子消防,安防及居家人身安全產品。我司集 研發,生產,及行銷為一體。在台灣設有合作研發及銷售據點,在大陸寧波之 江北區洪塘創新科技園區內擁有五十畝土地及三萬多平方米之生產中心,並另 有駐廠研發團隊全力開發新產品。本集團擁有多項精密生產及研發設備,尤其 在專業傳感報警系統上配備德國原裝進口之羅倫思(Lorenz)歐規煙熱報警測試 儀器, 美國UL實驗室測試煙箱,日本JFEII 煙熱報警測試設備, 中國瀋陽消防所 標準煙箱。在全廠四百多名員工及五十餘名資深工程師之努力下,並感謝十數 位世界級傳感學專家,博士及教授們的長年指導協助,持續順利取得各項安規 認証,如美國 UL, 德國 V
  The Detector SMOKE / FIRE / GAS / CO / WATER / HEAT DETECTION SYSTEMSDESIGN & OEMTOOLING & PLASTIC INJECTION www.wizmart.com Fire Signaling and Security Systems  董事長 , 總執行長 About 威馬集團以誠信為本,立足寧波,放眼世界,全球佈局。在專業領域上兢兢業業,全力研發。尤其在合作開發項目上 (Joint Development Manufacturing) 不停突破,從模具開發,美工設計,結構策劃,電路佈板,軟件及硬件設計編程,安規認証以致於 SMD 高速貼片封裝 ( 世界最快之德國西門子設備 ) ,大量生產都在廠內一條龍方式作業。本廠在德國 TUV, 英國 BSI, 及美國 UL 質量監督系統下,以德國 ISO-9001:2008 的精神落實一切程序。我們的企業認定所有員工為公司最大資產,全力在安全產業中的精密智能電子領域上奮鬥,以期達成我們的願景:不斷創新,大量生產,創造經濟,回饋社會。威茲馬特團隊提供有經驗的 ISO 管理、研發實力及市場開展,歡迎尊敬的電子業前輩 , 同業及有志之士不吝指教並熱誠參與,共創大業。   產品行銷世界一百餘國,遍及五大洲,除了少部份以代工型式  OEM 生產之外,更著重於設計生產 (ODM) ,合作生產 (JDM) 。   目前並已和世界知名大廠十數家策略聯盟開發,不僅在高科技含量大之有毒可燃氣體報警設備上有多項進展 ( 如一氧化碳,二氧化碳,瓦斯,硫化氫等 ) ,在傳統之火災水災報警系統及無線家居集成網路上亦有創新產品源源不斷推出。在行銷導向原則下掌握需求,本公司以   自我品牌強力行銷並結合策略聯盟代工代設計之合作方式,確實貫通世界市場渠道,建立自我產銷一體化之目標。   ,   由數個子公司及歐美策略夥伴組成。在精密安全傳感產業上含蓋電子消防,安防及居家人身安全產品。我司集研發,生產,及行銷為一體。在台灣設有合作研發及銷售據點,在大陸寧波之江北區洪塘創新科技園區內擁有五十畝土地及三萬多平方米之生產中心,並另有駐廠研發團隊全力開發新產品。本集團擁有多項精密生產及研發設備,尤其在專業傳感報警系統上配備德國原裝進口之羅倫思 (Lorenz) 歐規煙熱報警測試儀器 , 美國 UL 實驗室測試煙箱,日本 JFEII 煙熱報警測試設備 , 中國瀋陽消防所標準煙箱。在全廠四百多名員工及五十餘名資深工程師之努力下,並感謝十數位世界級傳感學專家,博士及教授們的長年指導協助,持續順利取得各項安規認証,如美國 UL, 德國 VDS, 英國 BSI, 比利時 ANPI/BOSEC, 日本 JFEII, 中國 CCCF, 歐盟 EN-54, 歐盟 EN-14604 及許多世界各國之當地安全規範。我司也是在中國核准生產消防設備之少數專業工廠之一;並預計在 2013 年達到生產 1500 萬支各種傳感報警器及配套週邊產品之目標。  Group is formed by multiple operating units located inUSA, Taiwan and China. It's a privately-owned company with years ofexperience in developing and manufacturing fire safety and securityrelated products. It has also established strategic partnerships withseveral key companies in Europe and USA. Our wide range of products include re and signalling equipment in the fields of CO, CO 2 , smoke, heat, flame, gas, water, and various toxicgas detection. We apply consistently high standards to our end-to-endmanufacturing process. This includes tooling, molding, plastic injection,Through the dedication and teamwork of our engineering staff andstrategic partners, has obtained many product approvals suchas UL in USA, VdS in Germany, BSI in UK, BOSEC, ETL (Intertek USA),EN- 54 , EN 14604 in EU, ANPI etc. The manufacturing capacity is over 8 million units per year and will be expanded quickly during 2011, with atarget of 15 million units in 2013. The team believes in Passion, Integrity,Commitment and Innovation, we didn't invent detectors, but wehave been doing our best to perfect them. It is fully equipped with precise German EN- 54 and USA UL testing andcalibration equipment, in-house Ultra-high speed Siemens surface mount machine (SMD), and semi-automatic smoke and toxic gas productionlines. To strive for zero defects, is the first manufacturer inAsia that installed the complete genuine set of Germany-made LorenzEN- 54 test tunnel.artistic work, mechanical layout, circuitry design,hardware assembly, embedded software programming,approval application and mass production. Every process meets the ISO- 9001:2008 quality assurance system.  manages its R&D, engineering, manufacturingand marketing functions with an integrated team approach. It has a marketing ofce and cooperative R&D partners in Taiwan and a manufacturing center in Ningbo City, China. In mid 2009 manufacturing was relocated toa new plant with 30,000 sq meters of production space. Chairman, CEOE-mail: manchee@wizmart . comManchee Liu Our success depends on you your success !  AmyIreneAliceArubaWayneManchee  02 F r  om l   d  e a t   oF i  n al  P r  o d  u c  t  D  e s i   gn an d T  o ol  i  n g S  er v i   c  e From Ideas to Final Products Design and Tooling Service PresidentE-mail: wayne@wizmart . com Wayne Chang Senior Vice PresidentE-mail: aruba@wizmart . com Aruba Chang JDM (Joint Development Manufacturing) is a service based onelectronics manufacturing contract, providing a professional total-solution service.team ensures your ideas are implemented with the bestreturn of investment.From the very beginning, we offer FREE technical discussion   sessions with customers to study the srcinal idea, specications, cost estimate, and feasibility. After an agreement is signed for advanced study, we will provide clients with quick artistic design of 3-D dynamicpresentation, specication sheets, mechanical drawing and mock-ups(Rapid Laser SLA molding for a quick turn-around time of 3-5 days). After obtaining the customer's consent and go-ahead instruction,thefollow-up procedures include software and hardware design, materialprocurement study, engineering sample making, testing and calibrationetc. Depending on the complexity of the project, most cases will havea fast response of 40-60 days. After the acceptance of the prototypesamples, we will follow up by making formal tooling and molding (normally within 30-45 days), then present to clients with engineering samples with fully functional testing completed.Following final acceptance from clients , we will then proceedproductionWe will also assist our clients to obtain the internationalapprovals such as VdS, GS, UL, BSI, EN-54, BOSEC, CCCF, ANPIetc.Our strength is emphasized in safety related commercial andconsumer products such as fire and water alert, smoke alarms, CO, gas, UV, ame detecting devices. However, our professionalism in thesafety related products does not limit us in this eld, on the contrary, we have been successfully working together withpartners around the world in designing and manufacturingvarious electronic products. We have been striving to provide JDM to our clients with innovative, high quality, competitive pricing and on time delivery. Our goal is to beyour reliable and long-term JDM partner in the Far East.
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