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Writing Comments for the  Elementary Progress Report Card 2010      What is required when writing comments for the Elementary Progress Report?    Big Ideas for Writing Progress Report Card Comments:                                                Teachers should write comments that:       focus on what students have learned,   describe significant strengths,   identify next steps for improvement,  focus forward to progress for the report  card   Comments should:    describe what students 
  1   Writing   Comments   for   the   Elementary   Progress   Report   Card   2010   What   is   required   when   writing   comments   for   the   Elementary   Progress   Report?   Big   Ideas   for   Writing   Progress   Report   Card   Comments:   Teachers   should   write   comments   that:      focus   on   what   students   have   learned,      describe   significant   strengths,      identify   next   steps   for   improvement,      focus   forward   to   progress   for   the   report   card   Comments   should:      describe   what   students   know   and   can   do,      avoid   language   that   simply   repeats   the   wordings   of    the   curriculum   expectations   or   the   achievement   chart,      use   language   that   parents/guardians   will   understand      provide   parents/guardians   with   personalized,   clear,   precise,   and   meaningful   feedback,      help   parents/   guardians   understand   how   they   can   support   their   children   at   home.   (Growing   Success   (2010),   p.64)   Strategies   suggested   for   parents   to   support   their   children   at   home   should:      not   require   special   materials,   equipment,   additional   cost   or   travel,      be   written   in   complete   sentences,   present   tense   and   should   avoid   measures   of    frequency   (sometimes,   often)   or   qualifiers   (limited,   some).    2   The   Thinking   Process:   Writing   Progress   Report   Card   Comments   How   do   I   prepare   for   writing   comments   that   follow   the   guidelines?   It   seems   like   a   daunting   task   to   prepare   personalized,   precise   and   meaningful   feedback   for   each   student   that   you   teach.   Try   the   steps   outlined   on   the   following   page.   Work   with   a   grade/divisional/subject   partner   to   talk   through   the   process.   Record   this   electronically   so   you   can   cut   and   paste;   mix   and   match   comments   for   specific   groups   of    students   or   for   individual   students.   Big   Ideas   What   big   ideas   from   the   curriculum   are   you   working   for   the   first   report   card?   ...from   a   particular   strand?   ã   Restate   these   as   learning   goals   in   student   friendly   language.   This   will   help   you   communicate   learning   goals   and   targets   to   parents   and   students   in   plain   language.   ã   Growing   Success   says,   Evaluation   focuses   on   students’   achievement   of    the   overall   expectations.   Evidence   of    Learning   How   do   you   know   students   are   making   progress   in   learning   the   big   idea(s)?   ã   Brainstorm   a   list   of    evidence   that   tells   you   that   students   are   making   progress   or   have   learned.   ã   Consider   evidence   of    specific   expectations;   what   students   know,   can   do   and   can   articulate.   ã   Consider   observations,   conversations   and   students   products   (not    just   written   products).   ã   Be   specific   and   descriptive.   ã   This   list   will   give   you   possible   statements   of    strengths.   ã   Growing   Success   says,   Focus   on   what   students   have   learned.   Specific   and   Descriptive   Feedback   How   do   we   help   students   learn?   ã   What   phrases   or   strategies   do   you   use   most   often   to   help   students   improve   or   'bump   up'   their   work?   ã   Record   phrases   or   strategies   you   use   most   frequently   when   you   are   using   student   samples   or   exemplars   to   give   feedback   when   adjusting   quality   from   level   1   to   2;   2   to   3;   3   to   4.   ã   This   list   will   give   you   next   steps   for   improvement.   ã   Growing   Success   says,   Identify   next   steps   for   improvement.   From   General   to   Specific   How   do   we   build   comments   from   these   lists?   ã   Look   at   your   classroom   list.   Identify   students   who   have   similar   strengths.   Align   these   to   the   learning   goals   and   match   strengths   to   the   list   you   created.   ã   Identify   groups   of    students   who   have   similar   areas   for   improvement.   Select   appropriate   next   steps   for   improvement.   ã   Consider   the   learning   needs   of    all   learners   and   therefore   the   corresponding   progress   report   card   comments   of    all   learners.   English   language   learners   or   students   with   an   Individual   Education   Plan   require   personalized   comments.   ã   Growing   Success   says,   Provide   parents/guardians   with   personalized,   clear,   precise,   and   meaningful   feedback.    3   Page   One   of    the   Elementary   Progress   Report   Card:   What   does   a   sample   comment   look   like   in   Religious   Education   and   Family   Life?   The   comment   should   give   information   to   parents:      Understanding   of    the   Religious   Education   and   Family   Life   Program,      Observed   connections   and   actions   with   the   Catholic   Graduate   expectations;   Catholic   Character   Formation,      Understanding   of    our   Christian   symbols   and   story.   Learning   Skills   and   Work   Habits:   What   are   the   reporting   requirements?   Check   off    all   6   learning   skills   and   work   habits.   Comment   on   a   minimum   of    two.   Comment   on   any   additional   learning   skills   and   work   habits   that   have   been   checked   off    as   ‘Needs   Improvement’.   What   does   E      G      S      N   mean   on   page   one   of    the   Progress   Report   Card?   This   list   of    suggested   descriptors   is   a   starting   point   in   considering   how   to   formulate   specific   and   descriptive   feedback   for   both   students   and   parents   within   the   classroom   as   well   as   for   reporting   purposes.   Excellent   adaptable,   astutely,   autonomous,   can   model,   caring,   clearly,   committed,   completely,   consistently,   discerning,   distinguished,   divergent,   easily,   effectively,   extensively,   exemplary,   flawless,   flexible,   giving,   impressive,   independently,   innovative,   insightful,   inspirational,   kindly,   masterfully,   meticulously,   positively,   precisely,   proficiently,   reflective,   reverent,   secure,   seeks   challenges,   self  ‐ assured,   servant   leadership,   synthesizes,   thoroughly,   uniquely,   virtuous   Good   accomplished,   comfortably,   competent,   confidently,   constructively,   credible,   developed,   frequently,   generally,   independently,   influences,   knowledgeable,   manages,   more,   most,   often,   regularly,   skilled,   successfully,   usually   Satisfactory   acceptable,   adequate,   approaching,   at   times,   developing,   fair,   inconsistently,   learning   to,   limited,   occasionally,   sometimes,   passable,   periodically,   some,   suitable,   with   assistance,   with   coaching,   with   prompting,   with   reminders,   with   supervision   Needs   Improvement   assistance   needed,   avoids,   clarification   needed,   disengaged,   few,   guidance   needed,   hardly,   indifferent,   infrequently,   illogical,   literal,   little,   minimal,   minor,   naïve,   numerous   attempts,   only,   poor,   rarely,   reflection   needed,   reluctantly,   review   needed,   seldom,   simplistic,   when   required,   with   difficulty,   with   supervision,   unclear,   unsure   Planting   Seeds   for   Success.   (EOCCC,   2010)   p.   28.   Jason   is   able   to   relate   the   stories   of    families   and   communities   to   the   story   of    Pentecost   and   the   beginning   of    the   Church.   Discussing   world   events   such   as   the   rescue   of    the   miners   in   Chile   and   the   earthquake   survivors   of    Haiti   challenged   our   grade   4   class   to   explore   the   theme   of    hope.   Jason   wrote   about   hope   for   our   world,   hope   for   our   school   community,   his   family   and   for   his   personal   goals.   (C.   Booth)     400   characters   available    4   What   does   a   sample   comment   within   the   learning   skill   and   work   habit   section   look   like?   The   sample   below,   taken   from   Planting   Seeds   from   Success ,   clearly   shows   a   strong   link   to   the   Board   theme   and   the   explicit   focus   on   two   of    the   learning   skills   and   work   habits.   It   does,   however,   refer   to   all   6   learning   skills   and   work   habits.   For   this   year   only,   teachers   are   only   required   to   comment   on   a   minimum   of    two   unless   ‘Needs   Improvement’   is   checked.   In   this   case,   feedback   must   be   given   to   parents/guardians.   See   Planting   Seeds   for   Success   (EOCCC,   2010)   for   additional   samples.   Learning Skills Comment (Progress Report – Junior Division) Responsibility Organization IndependentWorkCollaboration Initiative Self Regulation E S S E G S Student Profile: JasonJason, a grade four student, has participated enthusiastically in the school/classroom focus of the two learningskills and work habits, responsibility and collaboration. His leadership skills are evident. Organization andcompletion of work independently will be highlighted as upcoming next steps for Jason. In keeping with our Board’s spiritual theme this year,‘Though many we are one in Christ’, the school’slearning skills and work habits focus in Septemberand October has been to highlight collaboration andour responsibility to care for each other. Jason hasshown leadership by accepting to take on differentroles during group work. He notices when one of hisclass mates does not understand and offers to help.Jason takes responsibility for editing his own workand works with others to give specific feedbackusing the anchor charts to guide his comments. Heactively participates in developing criteria and givespractical examples to explain his ideas. As we buildon the concepts of learning skills and work habits,Jason will need to focus on the organization of hiswork and persevere in completing assignments.Setting personal learning goals through selfassessment and reflection will be a focus for theremainder of first term. At home encourage Jason tolook for ways he can apply the collaborative skills hehas learned this fall.   How canparents/guardianshelp at home?Mention of otherlearning skills andwork habits (i.e.organization, selfregulation andindeendentwork.Alignment with theBoard theme;Reference to explicitteaching andexploration ofresponsibility andcollaboration. 1400   characters   available
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