Yvette Kane Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

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FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 1. Person Reporting (last name, first, middle inidal) Kane, Yvette 4. Title (Article I1] judges indicate active or senior status; magistrate judges in6ieatc full- or part-time) Chief Judge(Active) 2. Court or Organizalion U.S. District Court 5a. Report Type (cheek appropriate b’pe) ] Nomination. [] Initial [] A .... Date 1 [] Final Repo,.~ Required by the Ethics in Governmen! Act oj’1978 0 u.s.c, api~. gg 10~-I: 0 3. Date of Report 05/07/2010
  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Repo,.~ Required by the Ethics in Governmen! Act oj’1978 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 0 u.s.c, api~. gg 10~-I: 0 1. Person Reporting (last name, first, middle inidal) 2. Court or Organizalion3. Date of Report Kane, YvetteU.S. District Court 05/07/2010 4. Title (Article I1] judges indicate active or senior status; 5a. Report Type (cheek appropriate b’pe)6. Reporting Period magistrate judges in6ieatc full- or part-time) ] Nomination. Date 01/01/2009 Chief Judge(Active) [] Initial [] A .... 1 [] Final to 12/31/2009 5b. [] Amended Report 7. Chambers or Office Address8. On the basis of the information contained in this Report and any modificatinas pertaining thereto, it is, in my opinion, in complianceLI.S, District Court with applicable laws and regulations. Federal Building 228 Walnut Street, 8th Floor ltarr~sburg, PA 17108Reviewing Offieer Date IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form must be followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where you have no reportable inform atiot~ Sign on last page. I. POSITIONS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 9-13 of filing ins,ructiott~.) NONE (No reportable positions.) POSITIONNAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY 1. 2. 3. NONE (No reportable agreements.) DATE PARTIES AND TERMS Kane Yvette  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT S~m~ of~,~rso, a~poni.g [ rote of~po~ [ II age.2 of 7 Kane, Yvelte 05/07/2010 IIl. NON-INVESTMENT ~CO$~. ~,ro~,i,g inai,,iduat and spouse; see pff, 17-24 of fil~g i~ructions.) A. Flier’s Non-Investment Income NONE 6Vo reportable non-inves~ent income.) DATE SOURCE A~ TYPE ~COME (you~, not spouse’s)1. 2.3. 4. B. Spouse’s Nofl-I~vesll~ellt Incol~g - If you were mar~ed during any port~n of the reporting year, co~lete th~ secao~ (Dollar ~ount not required ~cept for honoraria.) NONE (No reportabte non-investment income.) DAT~ SO~CE AND T~E 1. 2. 3. 4. IV. REIMBURSEMENTS - transportation, lodginK, food, entertai .... (lncludcs those to spouse and depcndent children; see pp. 25 27 of filing irr,vomctions.) [~] NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) SO! JRCEDATESLOCATION P~OSE ITEMS PAID OR PRODDED 1. PA Bar Association Feb~a~ 4-7, 2009 St. Thom~, Virgin IslandsMidyear Meeting Travel, Room, Meals 2. New York Intellectual March 27-28, 2009 New York, NY NYIPLA Annul Di~er Travel, Room, Meals Propegy Law Association 3. Nicholls State Universi~ May 22-25, 2009 Thibodaux, LA Commencement - keynote Travel, Roo~n, Meals @eaker 4. LSU Tfal Advocacy TrainingAu~st 10-12-2009New Orleans, LALSU Trial Advocacy Travel, Room, Meals Prog~’am Training Proem 5. John R, McGinley, Jr. Janua~ 3 l-Febru~ T~npa Bay, FL VacationRoom 2, 2009 6. John R. McGialey, Jr. Sept. 22-27, 2009 P.E,I., CanadaVacationTravel, Room, Meals  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT [ Name of Person Reportlltg Date of]Report Page 3 of 7[ Kane, Yvette 05/07/2010 V. GIFTS. a, ct~a~s ,hose to ~.~o,,, ,,a a,pe, ae,~ chi~d~; ~,~ ~,. ~S-~ o/~i,~ instructions.) ~ NONE (No reportable gifts.) SOURCEDESCRIPTION VALUE 1. John R. McGinley, Jr. Football Tickets $2,000.00 2, John R. McGinley, Jr.Jewehy $1,200.00 3. 4. 5. ~ NONE (No reportable liabilities.) CREDITORDESCRIPTION VALUE CODE 1.  Name of Person Reporting [ Date of Report FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT I Page 4 of 7 ~:,,e. v~.~tte ! 05/07/-~o10 VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS - i ..... ~, value, tr ...... tions erich,des those of sp ...... a dependent children; seepp. 34-60 of filing in,,~ructlonx: ~ ~0 reportable income, assets, or transactions.) ONE ~scfiption of Asse~ Income duringGross value at endTran~ctions during repoc~ng period (Jnciu~ng ~st assets) ~ rc~ing period ~ of reporting period Place (X) a~er each ~set 7 m°unt~ ~l T~e (c.g., Valu~ValueT~c (e.g., Date / Va~ue Gai~ Identity of exempt from prior di~l ..... [Codel I div.,re,t~iI Cede2 Me~hod buy, gell, ’~d~[.:~ode2 ]Codel buyedseller ~(A’H) [or in~) ] (J-P) Code3r~el~ption) : ~ ~(J~ (A-It) (ifprlvate [ (Q-W)transaction) 1. Pershing LLC l~iInvest Financial Co~ A Dividend J T 2. -Opperuheimer Capital Appreciation Class A 3. -Oppenheimer Main Street Fund Class A 4. -U.S. Dollars Currency 5. PA State Employees Credit Union (PSECL0 A Interest K T Account 6. PA Tuition Account Program B Dividend J T Redeemed 08/14/09 J 7. PA Tuition Account Program Con’t Redeemed 08/25/09 J 8. Oppenheimer Main Street Opportunity Fund None J T 9. Oppenheimer Real Estate FundNone J T I0. Oppenheimer Rising Dividends Fnnd None J T I I. Oppenheimer Gold Special Minerals None J T 12. Oppenheimer Int. DiversifiedNone J T 13. 14. 17. I. Income Gain Code~:A =$1,000 or lessB =$I,0.91 - $2,500 C ~ $2,50! : $5,000 D =$5,001 - $15,000 ---E =$15J~l~ - $50,000 (See Colmmas BI and D4)F =$50.001 - $100,000 G =$100.001 - $1,000,000 HI =$I,000,~! - $5,000,0P/d It2 =More tha~ $5,000,0002. Value Codes J =$15,000 or less K =$15,001 - $50,000[. =$50,001 - $100,000 M =$ IO0,00t - $250,000 (See Colunms C1 and D3) N :$250,001 - $500,0000 =$500,001 - $1,000,000PI =$1,000,00! - $5.000,000 P’2 =$5,000,001 - $25,000,000 P3 =$25,000,001 - $50.000,000 P4 =More than $50,000.0003. Value Method C~.~esQ ~Appraisal R -Cost (Real Estate Only)S =Ass~smcnt q ~Cash Market(See Colunm C2)U =Book Value V =Other W =Estimat¢d
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