10 things Big business can learn from small

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1. What can Bigbusiness learn from Small. 10 lessons from Start Up behaviour 2. ã 35% employee 20-30 U.S. have started business on the side. ã 67% identify career…
  • 1. What can Bigbusiness learn from Small. 10 lessons from Start Up behaviour
  • 2. • 35% employee 20-30 U.S. have started business on the side. • 67% identify career goal as start their own business (UK) "Biggest societal shift since ind Rev" Start up culture; a disruptive contagion that knows no borders.
  • 3. ACCESS TO TECH ACCESS TO INFO ECONOMIC perfect conditions for thriving start-up culture
  • 4. “DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION” …….Too nebulous a request. what do you want?Big companies often brief for……… What is it?
  • 5. Start ups best placed to look at situations closely, at a molecular level. and Small Cracks in norm change quite quickly eg taxis, jeans, watches job-hunting.
  • 6. Changing business behaviour • Marketing & comms • NPD • Retail & supply chain – “Apple Service” expectations • Recruitment & engagement MAGNET BRANDS, THE NEW GODS START UP CASSIOPEIA HERCULEAN MISSION ESTABLISHED PLAYERS MODERN BUSINESS
  • 7. Skate to where the Puck is… • Supra category - magnet brands are crashing through their own business, reshaping consumer experience… Still considered challenger all MarCap is more than Swiss GDP. Could buy New Zealand World’s finest Customer Experience Company “Ruthlessly sweat the customer experience to remove the ouch in the chain.” They ARE your competitor even if they are NOT in your sector. Always on Shopping Experience Dominate Logistics Moving into Physical retail Hugely Relevant Capture as many relationships 91% of developed market internet users have accounts with 1 of their 3 products. Moonshoot attitude. Hugely influential, esp employee behaviour/expectations. Logistics company. Not stopping @ People. V. disruptive to Amazon etc, Fulfilling the final mile 50% Mobile transfers made. 1 in 6 Americans get a gift card @ Christmas Next step dinner market. 1
  • 8. Disrupt through innovation and consumer insight Unafraid of fresh categories Raise standard of customer experience
  • 9. …..are authentic and build brands people want to get behind Their valuable commodity: Authenticity/passion is hard to replicate. “The relationship between consumer and brand has changed from one of prescription to one of collaboration and now to one of symbiosis” Painful strat decisions to become themselves again. End to end authenticity translate into premium cost exp. great exp. LA- cold pressed juiced industry. End to end finest experience anywhere. 2
  • 10. …… get close to consumers needs “Consumers don’t give a crap about your name if you give them the service that they want.” Close to genuine customers. Have no fear of real consumers. Listen to your audience on the bus, in the food court. Listen to what they are rejecting and praising. 3 Kinfolk reader suppers Monocle cafes
  • 11. ….Fast, flexible, nimble and persistent 4 Fast and responsive Email, IM and Dropbox Tech dev started as a game - disaster but pivoted Sales of brand names drinks, dropping in urban CNTS. Won't directly rival…. but death by a 1000 cuts from each start up impacts on big biz.
  • 12. ….They employ great not average people No room for average. Be brutal in who stays and who goes. 5 “50% mils would take pay cuts to find work that matches their values.” Brain drain - L2 source. Scraping LinkedIn data shows consistent migration from the established to more disruptive companies. "Innovative people do not need to be told to do it, they need to be allowed to do it" Eric Schmidt
  • 13. … focus on product - make things If you don't, product becomes peripheral. With awesome products customers will wash up on your door. 6 Monument valley - USTU. Agency New Biz tool
  • 14. …not afraid to solve the difficult problems Consumer’s expectations of all companies solving these ‘pains’ is getting higher and higher. 7 “every time we save you 15mins of your time we save years of time across our network.” Peer to peer FX service. Traditionally High Value revenue stream. Banks susceptible.
  • 15. …. don't have much money- it's a good thing Rely on lateral thinking. Innovation places. Cut your budget. Leads you to a bigger place. 8
  • 16. ….sweat the sweet spot. 9 ‘range of genuine customer problems we can solve’ Vs ‘things that work for our biz- financially, operationally, brand.’
  • 17. ….they are generous and open. No Nda, Talk to people No big walls Cannot protect. Generosity and mutual learning, give them something back. 10
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