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1. Kim V. Palmer<br />Program Coordinator<br />Western Governors UniversityCompetency Areas<br /> 2. Leading People & Teams<br />Team…
  • 1. Kim V. Palmer<br />Program Coordinator<br />Western Governors UniversityCompetency Areas<br />
  • 2. Leading People & Teams<br />Team Leader<br /> Be an Example<br />Agent of Change<br />My attitude will be reflected in the attitudes of others<br />Entrepreneurial Attitude<br />Grant Writing<br />Work closely with other school administrators<br />
  • 3. Developing Sustainable Solutions<br />Focus on Learning<br />What are the needs of students & industry<br />Enabling<br />Allow employees the opportunity to develop ideas<br />Preparation<br />Monitor trends & needs<br />
  • 4. Managing Products & Services<br />Product Value<br />Provide a product of value to customers<br />Continuing Education<br />Informal & formal opportunities<br /> Integrity<br />Develop trust between customer & employees<br />
  • 5. Serving Customers<br />Serving Student Needs<br />Offer programs/courses that will meet the needs of students<br />Serving Business/Industry Needs<br />Work closely with business & industry<br />Provide a Valuable Product<br />Listen to students <br />
  • 6. Managing Technology & innovation<br />Training<br />Attend workshops<br />Stay current<br />Adapt to Changes<br />Monitor trends<br />Be an advocate of change<br />
  • 7. Assessing the competitive Environment<br />Serve on College Advisory Teams<br />Community Individuals<br />Other educational institutions<br />Government agencies<br />Networking<br />Monitor Educational Environment<br />
  • 8. Planning the Future<br />Workshops & Seminars<br />Leadership<br />Communication<br />Team Building<br />Formal Education<br />Earn a Doctorate Degree<br />
  • 9. Current Education<br />Master of Business Administration<br />Leadership/Strategy Emphasis<br />Western Governors University 2010<br />Bachelors of Science<br />Business Administration<br />Utah State University 2008<br />Associate of Science<br />College of Eastern Utah 1998<br />
  • 10. Interests & Hobbies<br />Horses<br />Riding & Training<br />Ranching<br />Helping my family on their ranch<br />Camping<br />I love the outdoors<br />Poetry<br />Writing<br />Music<br />Playing the guitar<br />Photography<br />Taking photos of my surroundings<br />
  • 11. Online Resources<br />Online Resume:<br />http://www.visualcv.com/shares/188239?pro=24452ee7cafe363371054b7a34fef16f<br />Online Profile: <br />http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kim-palmer/14/b25/206<br />Online Video Presentation:<br />http://www.kimvpalmer.blogspot.com<br />
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