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1. Mock CAT – I The test has 165 questions. The total time for the test is 120 minutes. The paper is divided into three sections Section 1 : 55 questions –…
  • 1. Mock CAT – I The test has 165 questions. The total time for the test is 120 minutes. The paper is divided into three sections Section 1 : 55 questions – Quantitative Techniques Section 2 : 55 questions – Data Interprétation & Reasoning Section 3: 55 questions – English & Reading Comprehensive ∋ Don’t use calculator ∋ Correct answer carries 1 mark ∋ Wrong answer carries ¼ negative marks SECTION - 1 1. In a party I asked to a young woman “How old are you”? She answered “ my age four years hence multiplied by two and from that subtracted three times my age ten years ago will give you my exact it age : How old do you think she was? (a) 17 (b) 18 (c) 19 (d) 20 2. Test on three subjects physics, Chemistry & Biology are to be conducted simultaneously, the number of candidates for the tests are 68,36 & 72 respectively. Candidates are to be seated in different rooms such that each room will have candidates of the same subject and the load on each invigilator be the same i.e. the number of candidates in each room should be the same what is the minimum number of rooms you need for the purposes. (a) 22 (b) 30 (c ) 44 (d) none of these 3. There are 30 persons waiting to be recruited for playing cricket at the national level. Two teams are to be picked up: the first team recruited shall play the Australia, and the second shall play against the srilanka. In how many ways can be cricket board select these teams? (a) 2x30P11 (b) 30C11X19C11 (c ) 30P11X19P11 (d) 30C11X19C11/2! 4. If a: b: c = 8:7:3 find the ratio of (a+2b+c) : (2a+3b-c) (a) 25:34 (b) 18:12 (c ) 12:18 (d) 34:25 5. Find the value of 0.0758 * 0.0758 * 0.0758 + 0.9242 * 0.9242 * 0.9242 0.0758 * 0.9242 + 0.0758 * 0.9242 + 0.0758 * 0.9242 (a) 0.8484 (b) 1.0758 (c) 2 (d) 1
  • 2. 6. Three oranges, six bananas & eight apples cost Rs 30. Seven oranges four bananas and two apples cost 20. I bought Five oranges, five bananas and five apples. How much did I pay ? (a) 25 (b) 30 (c ) 35 (d) Cannot be determined 7. The product of all integers from 1 to 100 will have the following numbers of zeros at the end: (a) 20 (b) 21 (c ) 24 (d) 25 8. A five digit number is formed using digits 1,3,5,7 & 9 without repeating any are of these. What is the sum of all such possible numbers? (a) 6666600 (b) 6666660 (c ) 6666666 (d) none of those 9. From each of two given numbers, 1/3 the smaller number is subtracted of the resulting number, the larger one is 4 times as larger as the smaller. What is the ratio of the two numbers? (a) 2:1 (b) 3:1 (c ) 3:2 (d) none 10. From a group of 30 persons, 2 are to be selected. The first one to be a picked shall be sent to Mumbai and the other are to Kolkota. What is the probability of Gautam going to Kolkota. (a) 2/30 C2 (b) 1/30C2 (c ) 1/30P2 (d) can not be determined 11. Let an+1 = 2an+1 (where n=0,1,2 …. & a0 = 0) then a10 is (a) 1023 (b) 2047 (c ) 4095 (d) 8192 12. Let a,b and c be positive integers satisfying c<a<b and c+a+b=k. what is the smallest value of K that does not determine a,b,c uniquely? (a) 7 (b) 6 (c ) 9 (d) 8 13. Given odd positive integers m,n & p. Which of the following is not necessarily true? (a) 3(m2+n2+P2) is even(b) m2n2p2 (c ) P4 (m4+n4)/2 is even 4 (d) 5m+n+p is add. 14. A and B can do a piece of work in 5 days, A and C in 6 days and B and C in 20 days. A can do the in how many days. (a) 6 ½ days (b) 7 ½ days (c ) 8 ½ days (d) 9 ½ days 15. If 3.689x1.138=4.19802, what is the exact value of 2.6891x1.1383=? (a) 4.19930253 (b) 4.1993253 (c ) 4.199363 (d) 4.19065 (Q16 to 19 are based on the following) Tanmay, Sukanta and Prasant are related to each other. Here are some due to find out the relationship between them. a. Tanmay’s legal spouse and sukanta’s sibling are of the same sex b. Among the three are Tanmay’s legal spouse, Sukanta’s sibling and Prasanta’s sister in law. 16. Who is the married man? (a)Tanmay (b) Sukanta (c) Prasanta (d) Cannot be determined 17. Who is the married women ? (a)Tanmay (b) Sukanta (c) Prasanta (d) Cannot be determined
  • 3. 18. The number of males is ? I. 1 II. 2 (a)(I) (b) (II) (c) (I) or (II) (d) neither (I) nor (II) 19. Who is the sibling ? (a)Tanmay (b) Sukanta (c) Prasanta (d) Cannot be determined 20. Three man run a race of 100 m. The race is won by 9 1/11 m in distance and by 1second in time. Find the speed of the Winner (m/s). 10/11 10/11 (a) 10 (b) 11 (c)10 (d) 9 n! n! 21. Find the solution of the equation = 20 (n − 5)! (n − 3)! (a) 5 (b) 8 (c) 3 (d) 2 22. The time is 2.15 p.m. What is the angle between the hour and minute hands ? (a) 22½ (b) 37 ½ (c) 43½ (d) 15½ 23. The distance between Bangalore to mysore is about 85 miles two train leave at 11 in the morning. One train leaves Bangalore at 80 mph and the other from mysore at 50 mph. When they meet? (a) 11.45 (b) 11.15 (c) 11.30 (d) 11.00 24. In a party the total number of handshakes none exchanged is 6 can you tell me how may friends were present. (a) 6 (b) 5 (c) 4 (d) 3 (Q25 to 28 are based on the following :) d 1 C 3 6 B e A 2 In this square, if you add all the number by rows, columns or diagonals you will get the same Number answers the followings. 25. Find the value of a+f ? (a) 13 (b) 16 (c) 19 (d) 14 26. Find the value of d-e? (a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 6 (d) 9 27. Find the value of c? (a) 4 (b) 6 (c) 9 (d) 3
  • 4. 28. Find the value of a+b+c-d-e ? (a) 10 (b) 12 (c) 15 (d) 08 29. What is the value of 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 (a) 6 (b) 5 (c) 4 (d) 3 30. Find x such that 43x776 is divisible by 11 (a) 3 (b) 5 (c) 7 (d) none of these 31. Bishu is 26 now. She is twice as old as Hema was when Bishu was as old as Hema is now What would Hema’s age be now? (a) More than 30 years (b) either (a) or (c) (c ) Less than 20 years (d) Neither (a) nor (c) 32. A survey of 800 television watches produced the following information : 286 watch KKSBKBT, 298 KGGK & 215 KZK. 35 watch KK&BKBT and KGGK, 40 KGGK & KZK, 20 KZK & KKSBKBT & 40 none of the three games. How many watch all three games. (a) 46 (b) 26 (c) 36 (d) 56 33. I have 650 g of a 14% solution of alcohol in wine. I decide to add alcohol to get the mixture to 26% . But after three days we find that the solution is already of 26% consistency. How much wine value have evaporated (a) 350 (b) 300 (c) 325 (d) can not be determined 34. The average age of 400 students is 20.62. By enrolment of 60 new students, the average age is lowered to 20.12 years find the average age of the new students. (a) 16.78 (b) 16.79 (c) 16.7 (d) 16 35. I bought tow varieties of rice costing 250 & 400 per bag respectively, mixed them and sold them at 360 per bag at a profit of 20% what was the ratio of the mixture? (a) 6:5 (b) 2:1 (c) 3:2 (d) 6:7 36. A little ball is dropped from a height of 8 ft. and it bounces back each time to a height which is one half of the height of the last bounce How far approximately will the ball have traveled when it comes to rest ? (a) 36 (b) 12 (c) 24 (d) 48 37 to 39 are based on the followings? a (b+4) c (a+4) b (c+1) d 0 (c+4) 9 37. Find the value of a-b? (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 38. Find the value of C+4? (a) 8 (b) 7 (c) 6 (d) 5
  • 5. 39. Find the value of d ? (a) 4 (b) 1 (c) 3 (d) 2 40. 600 persons working 8 hours per day complete 1/3 rd of the work in 12 days. The number of additional persons, working 6 hours per day required to complete the remaining work in 15 days, is ? (a) 1280 (b) 680 (c) 600 (d) 80 41. Which is greatest in 221/2 %, 2/25, and .08? (a) 22 ½ % (b) 2/25 (c) .08 (d) All are equal 42. Subtracting 25% of x from 5 equivalent to multiplying by how much (a) 75 (b) .75 (c) .075 (d) 7.5 43. A reduction of 20% in the price of sugar enables a purchaser to obtain 2.5 kg more for Rs.160. Find the reduced price per kg (a) 16 (b) 12.80 (c) 3.20 (d) 19.20 44. An amount of Rs. 2145 is divided among A B and C such that if their shares be reduced by Rs.IO, Rs.15 & Rs.20 respectively the remainder shall be in the ratio 2:3:4. The money received by c was (a) 700 (b) 670 (c) 715 (d) 685 45. A B C subscribe Rs 50000 for a business. A subscribe Rs 6000 more than B & B Rs 1000 more than C. Out of a total profit of Rs 45000 A receives : (a) 20600 (b) 22600 (c) 23600 (d) 21600 46. A is thrice as good a work man as B and together they finish a piece of work in 24 days. In how many days will B alone finish the work. (a) 96 days (b) 32 days (c) 64 days (d) 16days 47. A train overtakes two persons who are walking in the same direction in which the train is going, at the rate of 2kmph &4kmph passes them completely is 9 and 10 seconds respectively. The length of the train is : (a)45m (b)50m (c)72m (d)54m 48. If 7 and 9 are the remainders when 98 and 165 respectively are divided by a positive integer a than a = (a)7 (b)12 (c)11 (d)13 49. A cylindrical water tank with a diameter of 10M & height of 7m is being filled at the rate of 11 cubic meters per hour. If the tank is halt full, how long will it take for the whole tank to be filled ? (a)25hours (b)50hours (c)200hours (d)100hours
  • 6. (Q50 to 52 These questions are based on following information:) Five racers A B C D E are running in five tracks. The person in track III is first. C is ahead of E but behind A who is behind B. Trackwise, B is not near D or C have two persons between them in the race. B 5 to the right of B. The person who is third is in track IV. 50. Who is the last in the race (a) B (b) C (c) D (d) E 51. Who is the track no V (a) A (b) B (c) C (d) D 52. Who is second in the race ? (a) A (b) B (c) C (d) E Q53 to 55 The diagram shows the games played by the young persons of a colony the triangle represents the persons playing badminton, the square is for chess Players and the circle for these who play cricket. Each section of the diagram bears. The no of persons playing the game or games. Examine the diagram & answer the questions. 19 18 22 17 14 31 29 53. Which game is played by the maximum number of person? (a)Badminton (b) Chess (c) Cricket (d) Can’t say 54. What is the difference in the number of persons. Who play one game and these who play two games. (a) 19 (b) 25 (c ) 31 (d) 27 55. What is the % of persons who play cricket ? (a) 57.2 % (b) 53.3 % (c ) 48.9% (d) 39.8% 56 - 65:- Mark a: If statement (1) is alone sufficient to answer the question Mark b: If statement (2) is alone sufficient to answer the question Mark c: If both statements together are sufficient to answer the question. Mark d: If even both statements taken together are not sufficient to answer the question. 56. How many families in Punjab have both radio and a two in one set? 1. The state has 25000 families 2. 15000 families have two is one sets and 2750 families have radio.
  • 7. 57. A cylindrical tank 20 inches in height is full of water how many cubic inches of water does it contain? 1. A cubic foot of water weighs 160 pounds. 2. The internal diameter of the fish tank is 10 inches. 58. If in is a natural number than in is divisible by how many positive integers ? 1 n is the products of different prime numbers 2. n is divisible by 8. 59. What day of the week today? 1. Today is 10th October 2. 23rd December was a Wednesday? 60. What is the value of (x-y)? 1. X2 - y2 =5 2. X+ y =1 61. 6500 people are eligible to vote in an election. How many of them actually voted ? 1. Those who have actually voted were 49% of the men who are eligible to vote. 2. 38% of woman did not vote. 62. In an isosceles triangle ABC, what is the length of AB? 1. BC is 10 inches. 2. Angle C is equal to 90. 63. What is the HCF of the positive integers C & D. 1. C & D are even 2. The H.C.F of c/2 & d/2 is 5. 64. Is the average of 50 candies greater than 26? 1. 1/3 of them cost 28 per candy 2. ½ of them cost 22 per candy 65. What is the relation between the mothers of the two girls. 1. The girls are first cousins 2. The girls are bad friends.
  • 8. 66-70 The distribution of sales of 6 different types of cloth by uno stores for two different years is given in the pie chart. Saree 20% Dhoties Saree 7% 15% Dhoties Shirt 10% Salw ars Shirt 30% 15% 40% Salw ars 5% pant 11% Pant Small Small 10% 20% Trusers 17% 66. Which of the following type of items shaved the lowest percentage change in market share ? (a) Small trousers (b) Pant (c ) Saree (d) Shirt 67. How many more lakh rupee of dhoties were sold in the II year than in the I year ? (a) 42 (b) 58 (c ) 10 (d) 62 68. What was the total value of salwars sold is the year (in lakh) (a) 100 (b) 240 (c ) 200 (d) 140 69. What is the percentage share of market for shirt for both the years combined together ? (a) 35.00% (b) 32.10% (c ) 37.75% (d) 36.25% 70. If the price of a saree was Rs 2000 is the first year and Rs 2500 in the second year , what was the change in the number of these sarees sold over the two years? (a) No Change (b) 1000 (c ) 100 (d) 1000 (Q71 to 75 ) Given below is the data of the sale of refrigerators of a company in four cities during are years. The record is based on quarterly sale. Time of the Year Oct to Dec Jan to Mar (Winter April to July to (millennium concession) July September Cities concession) Calcutta 522 736 419 468 Chennai 419 606 403 452 Delhi 715 804 721 735 Mumbai 822 793 701 814
  • 9. 71. What approximately is Mumbai’s contribution in the annual sale ? (a) 27.8% (b) 33.3% (c ) 30.9% (d) 31.5% 72. The number of refrigerators sold during the quarterly period of winter concession were how many more or less than those of millennium concession period ? (a) 12less (b) 3more (c)9more (d) 21less 73. What is the percentage of the refrigerators sold during fully to sept quarterly? (approx) (a) 19.9% (b) 23.9% (c) 20.3% (d) 22.1% If the winter concession was 15% and the millennium concession 20% on the actual price which was Rs 8500 per refrigerator 74. How much turnover did the company receive during the period Oct to dec?(in lakhs) (a) 167.89 (b) 196.67 (c) 174.79 (d) 179.34 75. The turnover of Jan to March is how much more than the turnover of Oct to Dec. (a) Rs. 1194320 (b) Rs. 1173910 (c) Rs. 1198340 (d) Rs. 1163910 Carefully answer the question of the following table : Percentage of Mark obtained by 7 students in 6 subjects (max. Marks for each subject are sham in the brackets) H I J K L M Subject (5) (60) (80) (50) (40) (40) Stude nt A 86 82 95 78 66 84 B 92 78 85 89 72 76 C 76 94 89 75 62 69 D 67 74 74 84 85 82 E 74 86 64 80 78 72 F 88 89 76 88 70 64 G 90 96 86 92 65 66 76. Approximately what is the overall percentage of marks obtained by the D in all subjects? (a) 79 (b) 82 (c) 86 (d) 76 77. What is the overall percentage of marks obtained by J in all the subjects (a) 82.74 (b) 84.76 (c) 76.84 (d) 74.87 78. What are the average marks obtained by all the student in I. (a) 51.34 (b) 85.57 (c) 52.36 (d) 76.27 79. What are the total marks obtained by F in H, I & J? (a) 221.8 (b) 253 (c) 180.2 (d) 184 80. What is the average percentage of marks obtained by all the students in J? (a) 81.92 (b) 81.29 (c) 65.03 (d) 76.23
  • 10. -45 300 - -40 -35 250 - -30 -25 200 - -20 150 -15 - -10 -5 100 0Y 10 20 30 40 50 0 Y Y Y Y Y Distance less moved away from equator in multiple of y. The bar graph denoting temperature levels and the line graph sharing no of average migrance cases in one mare away from the equator are part of a report. 81. Which part shows that even though temperature level is the same these is an improvement an in over number of migrance cases are found? (a) 30y (b) 30-40y (c) 40y (d) 40-50y 82. What is the change in temperature level, 50y less from the equator? (a) 40% (b) 70% (c) 60% (d) 50% 83. What is the average temperature level is the entire stretch 0-50 yr? (a) 153 (b) 187 (c) 165 (d) 174 84. Which is the point which bracket this relation? (a) 50y KM (b) 30 y KM (c) 40y KM (d) 20y KM 85. Which part shows a clear correlation between temperature and migrance cases? (a) 10y-40y Less (b) 20y-40y KM (c) 0-20y less (d) 30y-50y 86. Which part shows the least change in temperature per change in (a) 10y-20y (b)40y-50y (c) 0-10y (d)30y-40y 87. Which of the following regions has the lowest ratio between the change in migrance cases to the change is temperature? (a) 0y-50y (b) 10y-20y (c) 20y-30y (d)0-50y 88. Which part shares the maximum percentage change in the number of migrance cases/ (a)40y-50y (b) 10y-20y (c) 20y-30y (d)Botha&b
  • 11. 89. What is the average number of migrance cases over the entire region. (a) 22 (b) 33 (c) 44 (d)cannot be determined 90. What is the percentage change in the arrange number of migrance cases between 0 to 50y? (a) 40% (b) 25% (c) 75% (d) Can not be determined 91 - 100 : Each questions consists. of six statement following by options consisting of three statements put together in a specific order choose the option which indicates a valid agreements, that is, where the third statements is a conclusion drawn from the preceding two statements. 91. (a).No thief is a cheat (d).All tiks are toes (b).All tiks are not taks (e).Some taks are toes (c).Some taks are not tiks (f. Some taks are tiks (a). DBC (b). DBA (c) EAC (d). FDE 92. (a). No Phatte is a eers … (d). Some eers are phattes (b). Some Beers are Phattes (e). All phattes are not beers (c). Some eers may be phattes (f). Some eers are beers (a). FBC (b). FCB (c) BAE (d). FBD 93. (a). Same zips are zams (d). Same zaps are zips (b). Same zips are not zaps (e). All zaps are zams (c). All zips are zaps (f). All zaps are not zips (a). CEF (b). EAB (c) DAB (d). CFE 94. (a). All yo – yo’s are bo –bo’s (d). All bo-bo’s are do-do’s (b). Some bo-bo’s are not yo-yo’s (e). All yo-yo’s are not bo-bo’s (c). Some yo-yo’s are do-do’s (f). All do –do’s are yo-yo’s (a). ADF (b). DFE (c) ADC (d). DFA 95. (a). All poogies are boogies (d). All boogies are poogies (b). All woogies ae poogies (e). All boogies are woogies (c). All poogies are woogies (f). All woogies are boogies (a). EBA (b). DCE (c) BAE (d). FDC 96. (a). Some B are M (d). All M are E (b). No B is a M (e). All E are M (c). Some M are F (f). No E is a B (a). ACF (b). ABF (c) BDF (d). BEF 97. (a). P catch T (d). T catch W (b). W catch T (e). P catch W (c). P catch W (f). T catch P
  • 12. (a). ABC (b). ADE (c) BCD (d). DEF 98. (a). D operate (d). All those who operate are S (b). S diagnose (e). Same D are not S (c). D are like S (f). Same people who operate are not S (a). DEF (b). ABD (c) EAF (d). FBD 99. (a). S & G are couples (d). Same couples are twins (b). S & G are not twins (e). Not all couples are twins (c). S & G are pairs (f). All pairs are not twins (a). CDF (b). ABD (c) ABE (d). AEF 100. A. Cheque are negotiable D. Demand draft is a share B. Some bonds are shares E. Some shares are negotiable C. Demand draft is a cheque F. Demand draft is a negotiable (a). BCE (b). ABD (c)ACF (d). ADF 101 – 105 : in the flowing questions, you are given two statements, followed by two possible inference You are to point which of the following answer choices applies: Marks (a). If only inference I follows (b). If only inference II follows (c). If both inferences follows (d). If neither of the inferences follows. 101. All pets are prets. Some pets are pests So. I - Some prets are pests II - Some pests are prets’ 102. No p has A. E is P. So I - E does not have A II - E has A. 103. All T are playing objects. All playing objects are fun to play with so. I - All playing objects are T II - All Ts are fun to play with 104. Some d are t some b are d So I - Some f are b II - Some b are d 105. All V are g all g are b. So I - Some b are V II - Some V are b
  • 13. Direction for question 106 to 110: A baseball game, five men, ABCDE and five women FGHI & J occupy a row of ten seats. The men are in the odd numbered seats. Starting from the left, each woman sits to the left of the man she is dating. • D is I’s date • I is not the right end of the row and the man she is dating is not at the left end of the row • C is one seat from t
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