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1. Rosie, Zack and Abi. 2. Other projects that we considered ■ NDAS - support victims and survivors from all genders and walks of life, covering all ethnicities,…
  • 1. Rosie, Zack and Abi.
  • 2. Other projects that we considered ■ NDAS - support victims and survivors from all genders and walks of life, covering all ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, sexual orientation and religions. ■ The Lowdown- the only counselling service in Northamptonshire offering free and confidential drop in service six days a week to children and young adults in distress or experiencing crisis. ■ Made in Corby- an exciting and ambitious three year programme that recognises and draws inspiration from the identity and reputation of Corby.Their aim is to inspire more localCorby people than ever before to take the lead in experiencing, creating and taking part in high quality arts and cultural activities.
  • 3. ■ Changemaker has been part of the language ofThe University of Northampton for over 5 years. ■ Since 2010, the University of Northampton has taken significant steps to reach in strategic objective to become the Number 1 University in the UK for social enterprise and entrepreneurship.Attainment of this objective became most high profile in February 2013 when the University was designated by AshokaU as the first ‘ChangemakerCampus’ in the UK. ■ Everyone can be a Changemaker.
  • 4. What does change maker do? ■ Changemaker is about making a difference in the world; looking for ways to enact social change. ■ Developing and Embedding the Changemaker Ethos at the University of Northampton- the Changemaker believes in providing students and staff with the opportunity to change their world for the better. ■ The focus is the student and their experience atThe University of Northampton.They connect students with local and global opportunities, training and a dedicated employability service giving the best possible start in gaining the best graduate career. ■ Finding a problem and solving it.
  • 5. ■ The student facing branch of the team;The main point of contact for any student that encompasses most of the changemaker sectors, as well as having its own employment agency. ■ The Changemaker Hub equips students with the skills and experience they need to develop themselves as a Changemaker, which not only can make a different to society but also increase employability potential. ■ Help to develop ‘your changemaker’ through coaching to help students start a project revolving around social change, earning changemaker certifications. ■ Hosts the changemaker café which brings in community organisations and social enterprises onto campus to develop common projects.
  • 6. Services they offer ■ Changemaker connect students with local and global opportunities, training and dedicated employability service.The students can get involved with this through the many services they offer: - Employability Plus - Life Hack - Changemaker Certificate - MA Social Innovation - Enterprise/Give it a Go grand funding - Skills Plus - Alumni Plus
  • 7. The Project ■ We want to make a “hard-hitting’ promotional video (3-5 minutes) that encompasses what the changemaker hub service actually provides for students. ■ We’re going to focus mainly on the student facing side; the Changemaker Hub within the University. ■ Our project should be utilised as a marketing tool that aims to inform new/current students-alike about why Changemaker exists. ■ Should save staff having to repeat themselves by explaining as there will be an informative video to explain exactly what Changer maker does. ■ As agreed with our client, we are going to target the video towards students with the aim to get them to use the changemaker hub before they get to their third year of university.
  • 8. Footage ■ We want to show how the Changemaker Hub works, and how it can be a necessary tool to students atThe University of Northampton. We are going to do this through interviews with the staff members, and interviews with students who have used the Changemaker. ■ By using the term “hard hitting” (per discussion with our client) we also decided that it will be good to interview students who have NEVER used changemaker to find out why they haven’t and explain how it will help. ■ We will be asking the Changemaker team for any archive footage of events that they have done in the past to maybe be used in the promo. ■ Shooting a Changemaker in action (coming along to a project that has been ‘incubated’ from the HUB). ■ Shooting a Changemaker Café session and conducting interviews with some of the community about the hub. ■ We want excess footage (so we can have a bit of everything!) ■ We agreed on also splicing any footage we get so Changemaker can use any of our clips for other short promotions they may make.
  • 9. Potential interviews ■ Linda Sinclair-Davis – Our Client & School Engagement Leader ■ Bruce Paterson ■ Julia Jolley ■ Abi Wicks (all part of the Changemaker team) ■ Students involved with Changemaker (Laura Roklicer, Emma Leering) ■ Students not involved with Changemaker. ■ Community groups ■ Try and get some correspondence from USA Changemaker Campuses such as Arizona (who have similar mission statements).
  • 10. Social Impact ■ The target audience we want for this promotional video will be students, so the social impact will be quite large.As this video will be released on to different social media platforms, so many students can watch and get to know more aboutThe Changemaker. ■ However, the social impact will not be direct. It will also be a longer race as our goal for this project is to get students interested in their Changemaker skills, which should inevitably lead them to researching social change projects themselves. ■ The hopeful boost to the use of the Hub/skillset should lead those research projects into creating real social action. ■ We also want to impact ourselves/expand our own skills.
  • 11. Possible Challenges ■ Making sure we stick to the ethos (keeping to the goal ofTransforming lives + inspiring change) ■ PaintingChangemaker in the correct light/Portray them accurately ■ Making sure we keep in regular contact with Linda to give her updates and to check we are on the right track ■ Making the video persuasive enough to entice students into using the Hub
  • 12. Legal Documentation PRE-PRODUCTION- - Film contracts - Pre- production checklist (script, location, shot list, crew list, equipment list) - Shot lists - Script breakdown - Budget - Consulting agreement - Recce forms - Risk assessments - Location scouting/information sheet - Location agreement form
  • 13. Legal Documentation PRODUCTION- - Crew contact list - Cast contact list - Crew deal memo - Contractor agreements - Producer agreement - Personal release forms - Location contact list - Location release form - Equipment list and hazard list - Filming notice - Call sheet
  • 14. Financial Planning and Budgeting As this is a promotion made by students, everything we do will have to be shot, cast (if we use actors) and produced on a micro-budget. This means we do not have any funding and are going to use the resources at our disposal, supplied by the University and ourselves to the best of our ability. If we need any special Changemaker resources, I am sure the hub will be willing to comply and let us use their promotion backdrops etc. should we need them.. Our low budget also means that we cannot add any over the top special effects or hire out venues for locations, however this is should not be a problem as we are filming a more informative style piece. Upon reviewing all the equipment we have and locations, this project is extremely feasible on this micro-budget.
  • 15. Individual roles ■ Zack- Director ■ Abi - Producer ■ Rosie - Editor
  • 16. Timing and content plan NOV DEC JAN FEB MARCH Done Pre- production Production schedule Generating ideas Research Proposal Budget N/A Script Storyboard Recce and risk assessment Call sheet and shooting schedule Equipment booking Consent forms Props Production Filming Logging Review Post – production Shot selection and prep Rough cut Final edit Export Submission
  • 17. Equipment list An example list of some of the equipment we will use to shoot the clips ■ Canon 700D ■ 50MM Lens ■ Tripod ■ Battery ■ SD Card ■ Directional Mic (with deadcat) forVOX pops ■ Condenser Mic forV.O.
  • 18. Bibliography ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ northampton/changemaker-rewards
  • 19. THANKYOU Any questions?
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