Climate Change 101

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1. CLIMATE CHΔNGE A primer for business 2. Sunlight passes through Earth’s atmosphere where some bounces into space and some is absorbed by greenhouse gas (GHG)…
  • 1. CLIMATE CHΔNGE A primer for business
  • 2. Sunlight passes through Earth’s atmosphere where some bounces into space and some is absorbed by greenhouse gas (GHG) molecules and re-radiated towards Earth, warming the average global temperature Increasing GHGs from human activity are causing change in this system too quickly Source: NASA
  • 3. 1900 2014 10 of the last 15 years have been the warmest since records began in 1880 Source: NASA/GISS
  • 4. Source: IPCC/PNAS/NASA/GISS 97% of climate scientists agree that climate trends are “extremely likely” due to human activitiesGlobalSurfaceTemperatures
  • 5. Cumulative greenhouse gas levels are at historic highs and continue to climb Roughly 62% of US emissions come from the corporate sector Source: NOAA/WWF/CDP/McKinsey
  • 6. The Arctic polar ice cap is dissolving before our eyes, changing seasonal weather patterns around the globe. The National Climate Assessment shows Alaska has already warmed twice as fast as the rest of the nation. Arctic summer sea ice is receding faster than previously projected and is expected to virtually disappear before mid-century. © Florian Shulz Polar bears on floating ice in Svalbard, Artic Ocean.The Arctic region plays an important role in regulating and moderating global climate.
  • 7. Climate change is decreasing water supplies and agricultural production in arid regions. Snowpack and streamflow levels are in declining in parts of the region decreasing water reliability for residents, commercial use, and ecosystems. Droughts also increase the likelihood of wildfires. © Audra Melton Russia’s 2010 heat wave resulted in economic losses estimated at $15 billion USD as drought and wildfires destroyed crops, particularly wheat
  • 8. Our oceans absorb most of the warming causing both expansion and sea-level rise while additional CO2 increases ocean acidity. These factors cause bleaching of coral reefs and driving stronger storms. More acidic oceans also threaten shelled organisms fundamental to the marine food chain. © Global Warming Images / WWF-Canon Coral bleaching in the Red Sea off Egypt shows a stressed and failing ecosystem that can’t support aquatic life that fisheries and industries rely on
  • 9. People in cities and towns across the US are facing more extreme weather linked to climate change. Heat waves, heavy downpours, wildfires, floods and droughts. In various regions of the country, these events are all growing in frequency or intensity or both, creating human suffering and costing taxpayers billions of dollars. © New Jersey Governor's Office/Tim Larsen Economic devastation from Hurricane Sandy in 2012 were estimated by NOAA at roughly $50 billion USD
  • 10. Between $66 billion and $106 billion worth of existing coastal property will likely be below sea level nationwide 2-3 times the average annual number of 95+°F days we've seen over the past 30 years Bread basket states risk up to a 50% to 70% loss in average annual crop yields (corn, soy, cotton, and wheat) Early estimates of American economic risks by 2050 require action Source: Risky Business Report (2014)
  • 11. Setting GHG targets aligned with science-based methodologies such as The 3% Solution provide a pathway for corporate America to save up to $190 Billion in 2020. Energy efficiency tied with strong renewable energy targets can help meet both climate and bottom line corporate earnings goals. 2020 MATERIALS CONSUMER DISCRETIONARY TRANSPORT INDUSTRIALS ENERGY CONSUMER STAPLES FINANCIALS HEALTH CARE COMMERCIAL + PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES
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