Flat Classroom Project

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1. Flat Classroom Project<br />By: Nasser Al-Saai<br /> 2. What Is Flat Classroom?<br />Flat classroom project, is a global Collaborative project which…
  • 1. Flat Classroom Project<br />By: Nasser Al-Saai<br />
  • 2. What Is Flat Classroom?<br />Flat classroom project, is a global Collaborative project which involves a high level of communication between many middle as well as senior student from around the world who work on certain projects with friend from all over the world to help raise awareness.<br />
  • 3. What books are used as reference to project? who are the authors?<br />One book that is used as reference to this project is &apos;The World is Flat&apos; by Thomas Friedman.<br />The book is based on many ways of which students can communicate with each other around the world.<br />
  • 4. Who has started the Flat Classroom Project?<br />Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, both IT teachers, have started this project.<br />
  • 5. Main Goals of Flat Classroom Project<br /> One of the main goals that the flat classroom project is doing is trying to lower the classroom wall where not only one class is working alone by itself in a classroom but two classes could work together at the same time using the internet by using the Web 2.0 tools such as Wikispaces and Ning. The project using the Web 2.0 tools makes it easier for students and teachers to communicate together all around the world.<br />
  • 6. Flat Classroom project topics<br />The types of topics that exist are Connecting To The World Online, World Wide Web, Workflow Software, The Changing Shape Of Information, Web 2.0, Globalisation and Outsourcing, Google, PLEs and Social Networking, Mobile and Ubiqoitous,Virtual Communication, Wireless Connectivity. <br />
  • 7. The Ten Flatteners <br />1. The fall of the Berlin wall.<br />
  • 8. The Ten Flatteners<br />2. The Netscape went public and shifted from a PC-based platform to an Internet-based platform.<br />
  • 9. The Ten Flatteners<br />3. Work Flow Software- they enable us to do service for industries. E.g &quot;Work flow platforms are enabling us to do for the service industry what Henry Ford did for manufacturing,&quot; said Jerry Rao.<br />4. Uploading- To upload things on the internet such as news and commentray.<br />
  • 10. The Ten Flatteners<br />5. Outsourcing- Many people’s jobs will be outsourced where they will lose their job to a place much cheaper. The only jobs that can never be outsourced are:<br />Special or specialized -- like Michael Jordan, Madonna, Elton John, J.K. Rowling, brain surgeons, the top cancer researchers etc. <br />Localized and anchored -- jobs done at a specific location, involving face-to-face personalized contact or interaction with a customer, client, patient, colleague, or audience -- a barber, waitress, plumber, nurse, dentist, masseurs, repairmen, electrician, gardener, etc.<br />Adaptable -- constantly acquiring new skills that &quot;can make you special, specialized, or anchored, and therefore untouchable and more likely to reap rising wages&quot;<br />
  • 11. The Ten Flatteners<br />6. Off shoring- Everyday, a person has to get up and start working and working to try getting the work done or he will be fired. For example, a gazelle has to get up in the morning and run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed and a lion has to catch a gazelle or it will starve to death. <br />
  • 12. The Ten Flatteners<br />7. Supply-Chaining- Whenever a customer buys something and the cashier checks it using the computer, it is sending a signal back to the factory to make another one of the item.<br />8. In sourcing- It is when a company delivers something all the way to you instead of you trying to find it.<br />
  • 13. The Ten Flatteners<br />9. In-Forming- It is where people can find everything they want. For example, Google is a search engine where everything is found for people to see. <br />10. The Steroids- It is how technology has developed and allowed people to do many things such as communicating much easier and developing games and movies and pictures much better.<br />
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