History & background of yoga

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1. History & Background of Yoga Pt Radheshyam Mishra Founder Director – Ujjain Yoga Life Society www.yogalife.co.in 2. Some scriptures on YogaPatanjali Yoga…
  • 1. History & Background of Yoga Pt Radheshyam Mishra Founder Director – Ujjain Yoga Life Society www.yogalife.co.in
  • 2. Some scriptures on YogaPatanjali Yoga SutrasBhagwat GitaVedasUpanishadsHatha Yoga Pradipika
  • 3. Patanjali Yoga SutrasDated anywhere between 6th century B.C and 3rdcentury A.DMaharshi Patanjali compiled all the ancient yogicinformation into 195 SutrasPatanjali was a person of great eminenceHe has also done work on medicine and GrammarPatanjali did not invent or instruct but has givenexplanations and objectives of yoga in self evaluation
  • 4. Bhagwat GitaGita was written between 2nd Century B.C and 2ndCentury A.D.Gita’s definition of Yoga is excellence in work Gita is theyoga of action, Karma Yoga.Efficiency comes when you participate in life to the bestof your ability and leave the consequences to largerrealityLearn to overcome our intellectual, over rational andegoistic tendenciesLearning not to interfere with the larger process butsurrender to it
  • 5. VedasCompiled between 6000 B.C to 1000 B.CThese are the ancient scriptures of the IndiantraditionThe root word Vid means to know and Vedameans knowledgeThere are 4 Vedas and their origin is divinerevelations to seers (Rishis)Four Vedas are Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, SamaVeda and Atharva VedaVedas are more of verses and hymns
  • 6. Hatha Yoga PradipikaClassical Sanskrit manual on Hatha Yoga written by SwamiSvatmarama (disciple of Swami Gorakhnath)Oldest surviving text on Hatha YogaWritten in 15th Century CEThe work is derived from older Sanskrit texts and SwamiSvatmarama’s own yogic experienceThe book includes information on asans, pranayama, chakras,kundalini, bandhas, kriyas, shakti, nadis and mudras among othertopicsThe book is dedicated to Lord Adinatha, a name for Lord Shiva,who is believed to have imparted the secret of Hatha Yoga to hisdivine consort Parvati
  • 7. Importance of Ancient WritingsThey provide us guidance, a path to followThey helpus to come out of our sufferingsThey tell us about human behaviour and tell us how tolive a better lifePatanjali had written years back which is still very validand useful in our daily lives
  • 8. Samkhya, Yoga, Vedas & Upanishads…All the above philosophies believe in dualistic concept of Prakritiand PurushAim of all the philosophies is the same that is liberation, onlyapproach may be differentVedas are more about ritualsUpanishads are more involved in intellectualization andsymbolization (Ramayan & Mahabharat)Yoga philosophy has been derived from SamkhyaConcept of Ishwara is present in yoga philosophy but not inSamkhya
  • 9. Paramhamsa MadhavdasjiWas born in 1798 to Mukhopadhyaya family in Bengal in a smallvillage near ShantipurKeen and observant, he exhibited unusual talent in the study oflanguages and acquired fair knowledge if Sanskrit, Bengali andEnglishAt the age of just 20 he was orphanedAt the tender age of 23 he left his home in search of higherpursuitsHe then entered the path of devotion specially influenced by thenew school of gaurangaHe made efforts to learn different traditions
  • 10. Paramhamsa MadhavdasjiWent around Assam, Tibet, Himalayas and various other places inIndia and got an opportunity to get first hand knowledge oftechnical YogaThe various achievements, super natural powers and siddhis thathe acquired during this long period of 60-70 years only made himmore humbleHe had this constant feeling that he was a servant of God andwhat belonged to him was for distribution to allSocial service was his motto
  • 11. Madhavdasji’s contribution to yoga…He imbibed the spirit of practical yoga and passed on some verysimple hatha yoga techniques to the needyHe passed on much of Hatha Yoga Technology to Shri Yogendrajiwith the wish that they were made available to the peopleHe only taught these techniques to founder so that he could teachand pass on the yogic knowledge to othersHe did not teach too many people and was selective in passing onyogic information, to avoid misuse and commercial exploitation
  • 12. Shri Yogendraji…Shri Yogendraji (Manibhai haribhai Desai) was born on November18, 1987 to a village school teacher at Degam, SuratHis father played an important role in making founder rationalabout superstition & religious ritualsHe was never drawn to observe any ritual customHis father was posted to different villages, isolated towns etcwhich gave him vast experience of rustic people and placesconstant unsettled career imbibed in him a feeling of self relianceand independenceHe learnt to adapt himself to new situations and make do withwhatever was available
  • 13. Shri Yogendraji…He view with disdain the various caste systems, child marraigesand other disturbing practisesHe suffered from very poor health at a young age: almost had anear death experience when he was down with typhoidBut he recovered and then decided to have a healthy bodyHe then built a strong body with an athletic physique: he was avery good wrestler!Once while he was wrestling with someone the other person wasso badly ijured that he died the next dayHe then realized that too much of power used is no good anddecided never to fight again
  • 14. Shri Yogendraji…Apart from this he was also a very good scholarHe was bright, diligent, studious, and responsibleHe went to Bombay to appear for ICS exams and study but hismind was not at peace that’s when he met Madhavdasji and hislife changedAfter this he dedicated his life to yogaHis mission was to make the common aware of yoga and he puthis heart and soul to itHe wrote many good books on yogaHe simplified yogic techniques for the common man andhouseholders
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