Innovative ways to make social marketing work for you

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This presentation will help attendees understand the financial benefits of social marketing initiatives by focusing on how to: • Use social initiatives to learn more about your fans and customers, such as their gender, interests and location, to create more targeted messages and promos • Improve your social content using stories to increase engagement levels • Gain free traffic via the social sites • Use social media to improve Google natural results on key terms • Improve word-of-mouth by having influencers enjoy some freebies from your giveaways
  • 1. Innovative ways to make social marketing work for you<br />Alaa<br />
  • 2. Don’t you just love Social Marketing?<br />
  • 3. ROI in real social life (my experience)<br />Got divorced………yay!<br />
  • 4. ROI in real social life (my experience)<br />What’s next??<br /><ul><li>Dating sites
  • 5. Facebook</li></li></ul><li>ROI in real social life (my experience)<br />My first connection!<br />We took the relationship to the next level by connecting via:<br />Emails<br />MSN MessengerBlackberry MessengerFacebook Friends<br />
  • 6. ROI in real social life (my experience)<br />Became a fan of iNetVideoFanpage!<br /> knows where I work <br />
  • 7. ROI in real social life (my experience)<br />6 months pass…………..still no date!<br />......but she was engaging with iNetVideoFanpage and with me on Facebook<br />
  • 8. ROI in real social life (my experience)<br />Great News…..She’s getting married!<br />......not to me......but she is still engaged with iNetVideoFanpage<br />
  • 9. ROI in real social life (my experience)<br />Show me the ROI in this story!!!!!<br />Decides to give DVD movies for <br />guests at the wedding<br />
  • 10. Take away from that story.........<br />Be Patient!<br />ROI might show up 3,6 to 12 months<br />
  • 11. 3 Tips for great ROI with Social Marketing<br />1) Blog = Your Social Marketing Hub<br />2) Value Added content <br />3) Engagement<br />
  • 12. Blog = Your Social Marketing Hub<br />Make your blog the go-to destination for all your social efforts <br />
  • 13. Blog = Your Social Marketing Hub<br />
  • 14. Blog = Your Social Marketing Hub<br />Why?<br /><ul><li>Content is owned by you
  • 15. Helps your SEO efforts
  • 16. Improved analytics-Easier to manage content</li></li></ul><li>Tools to consider<br />How?<br /><ul><li> + extensions (blog)- Google Analytics (tracking)
  • 17. Google URL Builder (improved tracking)- Google URL Shortner ( )</li></li></ul><li>Value Added Content<br />
  • 18. One thing to keep in mind............<br />Stop SELLING<br />
  • 19. and instead.........<br />Find ways to make people WANT to <br />BUY!<br />Stop SELLING<br />
  • 20. Type of Content<br />It MUST serve a PURPOSE:<br />Stop SELLING<br /><ul><li>Entertainment
  • 21. Education-Raise Awareness</li></li></ul><li>Examples<br /><ul><li> Top 10 Lists (make them fun & Unique)
  • 22. Upcoming movie releases
  • 23. Gift ideas for events (Father’s day, Xmas)
  • 24. Gossip news, breaking news
  • 25. Our projects
  • 26. News about the Entertainment Industry
  • 27. How-to articles
  • 28. Share Videos/Pictures
  • 29. Product tests, reviews, testimonials, studies</li></ul>Stop SELLING<br />
  • 30. Engagement! <br />Social Marketing Success is all about Engagement!!<br />Stop SELLING<br />
  • 31. Engagement means having users.......<br />Like <br />Read<br />Bookmark<br />Comment<br />ParticipateClick your links Follow / TweetReply/Forward<br />Share with others<br /> and much more……..<br />
  • 32. Get them to engage by.....<br /><ul><li> Giveaways!!!!!! People love free stuff
  • 33. Contests
  • 34. Surveys/Polls
  • 35. Funny/weird questions
  • 36. Ask for tips, advice, input
  • 37. Share pics/videos of employees at work
  • 38. Customer/fan Spotlight
  • 39. Customer feedback</li></li></ul><li>Great books to consider<br />
  • 40. Happy socializing!<br />Thank you!<br />Alaa Hassan<br /><br />
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