Introduction To The Recovery Version Of The Bible Text Only Version

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1. Introduction to the Recovery Version of the Bible:<br />Introduction to Old and New Testament Recovery Version of the Bible (Text version) (0:15)<br…
  • 1. Introduction to the Recovery Version of the Bible:<br />Introduction to Old and New Testament Recovery Version of the Bible (Text version) (0:15)<br />History of the translation of the Bible (0:18)<br />Translating the Bible has constantly been improving the earliest translation was during the time of Nehemiah translating the law of the Bible from Hebrew to Armaic <br />Neh. 8:8 “And they read in the book, in the law of God, interpreting and giving the sense, so that they understood the reading.”<br />After the completion of the Old Testament there are Jewish scribes who translated the whole Old Testament from Hebrew to Greek named Septuaginta. After the completion of the New Testament and the propagation of the church to different places in the Roman Empire, a need arose to translate the Bible into different languages used within the Roman Empire. These are Syrian, Old Egyptian, Ethiopian and others. Jerome produced the Latin version of the Bible which became the common Bible used by the western world. With a history of 1000 years until the age of reformation, Martin Luther translated the Bible to German that was finished in the year 1534. This started the atmosphere of translating the Bible. Moreover, with the opening of the truths in the Bible, more and more people are translating the Bible like Darby, Alford, Wesley, all contributed to produce a valuable English version of the Bible.<br />(2:01) The earliest Chinese version of the Bible was during the eight century 8th century A.D. when missionaries came to China to produce a Bible handed down through time. During the 13th Century when the Roman Catholic came to China, advancement to the translation of the Bible was brought in. By the end of the 18th century as Christianity continued its move in China that produced more and more Chinese version of the Bible. <br />(2:31) In the year 1919, the Chinese Union Version of the Bible was completed and was warmly welcomed. It has already been 80 years where there have been different versions of the Chinese Bible that was promoted for the saints in different places to be used as a reference.<br />(2:52) Process of the translation of the Recover Version<br />In the 20th century the Lord raised up two servants for His recovery. They are bro Watchman Nee and bro Witness Lee. Both of them were saved during their youth and started loving and loved reading the Word of the Lord. They have vastly read different books in church history and at the same time they gathered the crystal points and footnotes of each book. They spent their whole life teaching the Word of the Lord, truth, and the riches of life to the children of God. (3:25)<br />For a more accurate translation of the Bible Bro Nee did the translations by cross-referencing it with that of the original text of the Bible. <br />(3:45) During a co-workers training at Kuling in 1948, bro Nee clearly stated “We need to translate at least four versions of the Bible. If we can do this in the next few years the next generation would be able to more clearly understand the Bible.”<br />(4:00) Bro Lee continued the ministry of Bro Nee in dispensing the word of the truths. And in 1974, every year there are two trainings in the US, the summer and winter trainings, which dives into the Life Study of the Bible.<br />In reading and researching the New Testament there were four brothers who are coordinated in translating the Bible into English again. In addition, it also included footnotes, outlines and cross-references and was called the Recovery Version of the Bible. This work was completed in the year 1985. (4:40)<br />During the spring of 1986, Bro Lee returned to Taipei to guide the church and at the same time with the help of a Greek scholar they started the work of retranslating and correcting the Bible from Greek to Chinese. Then after a year and a half, during the winter of 1987, the Chinese Recovery Version was released. (5:05)<br />In 1988, bro Lee continued in guiding through the training of the Life Study of the Old Testament and led the brothers in translating the Old Testament from the original Hebrew text into English to match the need of the training. The translation of the Old Testament into Chinese also started at the same time.<br />In 1995, Bro Lee was able to complete the Life Study of the Old Testament. And the inspection and editing of the text version of the Old Testament Bible in English was also made under his guidance.<br />(5:40) In the summer of 1999, the English text only version of the Old and New Testament Recovery Version was officially released. <br />Bro Kerry Robichaux: “Bro Lee told us once, sometime before he went to be with the Lord. He said you know don’t wait to put out the text of the Recovery Version. Put out the text only as soon as you can, so that the saints have good reading Bible, to read the Bible. The saints just need to read the Bible. And then he said after that’s out get the notes prepared for the Old Testament and put out the footnote version of the Old Testament. But really, what we really were burdened is that every brother and sister would have a version, a complete version of the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament, that they can have with them all the time. And I hope that every brother and sisters would remember Bro Lee’s charge to read the Bible through once or twice a year. We should always be reading Bible.”<br />(6:43) During the summer of 1998, the Chinese text translation small group started doing the improvement of the Chinese text version of the Recovery Version. This was done by following the guidance of Bro Lee on how to translate the Bible referencing the English Recovery Version and references. The work took five years and was released in the summer of 2003. Bro Lee also commissioned the improvement of the English Old Testament and adding the notes and cross reference by referencing it with the messages of the Life Study of the Bible. By the end of 2003, the complete English Recovery Version Old and New Testament with footnotes and cross references can be released. The Chinese will definitely follow closely. <br />(7:40)<br />The text of the Chinese Recovery Version was translated using the original Hebrew text and uses the Chinese words closely related to the meaning of the text. At the same time the Chinese Union Version of the Bible was also used as a reference. They tried their best to preserve the beautiful portions of the Chinese Union Version at the same time using other version of the English Bible as reference.<br />Bro Lee: “In our translation of the Bible is not done in a light manner. First, we have a lot of reference books. First, is the original text, dictionaries, commentaries, one class to another and not just from one author but rather numerous works of different authors were brought out. After understanding, that is when we start looking for ways on how to express it. In looking for ways to express it, we take all the available Chinese versions of the Bible then count, the good ones, good literature, has body in its text, text in layman’s term are taken in. We can say it like this, if our translated version relied on the grace of the Lord, it should have the collected works of the good words from different Bible forefathers. We do not turn a blind eye on them. These are those that went through a thorough consideration, word by word. It is like this, therefore translating the Bible is not that easy. Now the brothers understand why in the past ten years we, in one aspect give sermons and in another aspect understand the Bible. We say that in this place it is according to the original text, this place is according to the original text, is the reason because the Word of God is so mysterious since there are so many mysterious points in it. However, inside some words includes a hidden truth is not translated. This is the reason we need to do the translation again. I dare not say that our version is already complete. I still believe that there are still some people who can dig out some things. But, I can say it like this, because those who read the Bible have already read the Bible for 18 centuries already and what they’ve read is the same as what we are reading. And today it has become a book that we read, am I right? Everyone can have a copy and read it, therefore we have not been reading the Bible we had these past 10 years but rather we are standing on the shoulders of those before us. We can say that we inherited the little revelation that we are trying to do, is it right?” <br />The Old and New Testament version text version has subjects and outlines of each book revealing the central thought of every book becoming the structure of each book and the division of each section, thus helping the readers to get into the reality and thought of the Spirit. <br />(10:40) Bro Lee: “How blessed are we, and how blessed am I that I’ve been born in this later age. I could understand the Bible today much more than Martin Luther. Don’t you think so? And I could understand the Bible much more than Darby. Don’t think I’m proud. I’m just telling the truth. The fact, that you have to learn. This Word is not so simple. It was written by God and translated by scholars and it has been interpreted by the Body of Christ for 1900 years. And now the understanding is all collected here.”<br /> “Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, If you abide in My word, you are truly My disciples;<br />And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:31-32<br />
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