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1. 6568 N. Country Oaks Circle Apt.#13 Phone {1-251-635-8283 primary} Memphis, Tn. 38115 {1-662-549-6096 alternate} E-mail{}…
  • 1. 6568 N. Country Oaks Circle Apt.#13 Phone {1-251-635-8283 primary} Memphis, Tn. 38115 {1-662-549-6096 alternate} E-mail{} E-mail{} Timothy J. Norman Jr. Summary To offer any employer the necessary work ethics, talents, and commitment they are seeking while incorporating productivity, assured quality, and timely job completion. I offer the hands-on experience necessary to accomplish job tasks proficiently, while possessing the ability to communicate well with Sub Contractors, as well as Architects and Engineers. There also is the field experience and understanding of how construction procedures function within a timely manner. Just last year, I was enrolled at I.T.T. Technical Institute in the pursuit of a Construction Management Degree. Core • Ability to maintain Record Documents, RFI’s, ASI’s, Competencies Specifications, Contracts, Extra Work tickets, and much more inter-office duties. • Have the ability to read Drawings {Shop, Red-line, Structural, As-built}. If necessary, I have the ability to perform layouts, act as a surveyor, establish elevations, render exact locations, and more. • Possess great communication skills which would enable me to correspond well with others. On numerous occasions I was in supervisory positions which involved directing Sub Contractors on assigned job related tasks. • While at my earliest point in construction I began as a laborer, and in the scope of a few years I was entrusted to solely engineer my last job project. A renovation of a U.S. Post Office, which was a multi-million dollar project that was transformed into a Law School. • Have other qualifications such as {10-hr.OSHA training, forklift training, elevated lift platform safety training, and can operate some heavy equipment. I can also do some concrete work and carpenter work.
  • 2. Education [ October 1985 – January 1986 ] [ City, State ]  Roseland High School –73rdand Princeton Ave. Chicago, Ill.60621. Studied general education and was involved in job related work programs. [ January 28,1986 – November 1, 1988]  The Community College of the U.S. Air Force – 100 South Turner Blvd. Maxwell A.F.B.- Gunter Annex Al. 36114 Aircraft Maintenance Specialist Tactical Phase 1 Airframe SYS/Components Intro. To Aircraft Maintenance Air Force Specialty Internship; Journeyman [March 9,2009 – May 31,2009]  I.T.T. Technical Institute – 7260 Goodlett Farms Parkway Cordova, Tn. 38016 Digital Information Management Problem Solving Strategies for the Technical Professional * Did not complete courses* Professional experience [ Oct 16,2009 – Dec 8,2009] • CLP Travelers - Skilled Trades Solutions; P.O. Box 2910 Tacoma Washington, 98401 Form Carpenter: Worked on the forming of concrete piers, equipment pads, and the placing of rebar for new equipment to be installed. Usage of Doka Forms and wood materials, and other materials to accomplish the job to specifications. Performed watches on pours to ensure of forming and wrecked materials after adequate timing.
  • 3. [ July 27,2005 - May 16,2009 ]  Ray Bell Construction Co.; presently Bell & Associates LP. 1-N. Front St. Memphis, Tn. 38103/Home Office. P.O. Box 363 Brentwood, Tn. 37024 Field Engineer: Did layouts where demolition was necessary to either build or relocate new construction. I also held the responsibility of all record keeping and updating of documents. Acted as Supervisory personnel to Sub contractors, and liaison to Architects and Engineers as well as owners and Representatives [February 15,2005 – July 21,2005]  Archer Western Construction Company 11 N. Waters St. Mobile, Al. 36602/Home Office 929 West Adams St. Chicago,Ill.60607 Carpenter: Worked as a form carpenter on the building of the tallest high-rise in Mobile, Alabama. Performed form building for concrete pouring of floors, and any additions to build other portions of the project. I also acted as supervisory personnel on some occasions. [January 10, 2004 – February 12, 2004]  Sanders Concrete Construction Inc. /Inman Construction Co. Baptist Memorial Hospital 2520 5 th St. N. / Home Office 808 20 th Ave North Columbus, Ms.39701 Laborer/Carpenter: I began working as a laborer on this project and was later promoted to a carpenter. This job was the building of a hospital, and from there I relocated to various jobs where I furthered my talent and abilities as a carpenter. I began doing formwork for concrete pours and did concrete finishing also. This was where I really decided this was my craft. Community I am a member of a Masonic Lodge in the state of Alabama activities where we perform many charitable functions for the community and neighboring areas.
  • 4. References Lisa B. Namie, AIA, CSI, Principal/Owner Fleming Associates Architects 5124 Polar Ave. Suite 106 – Memphis Tn.38117 Ph.{901-767-3924}email{} Bernard Zawada P.E. Principal/Owner Burr & Cole Consulting Engineer Inc. 3485 Poplar Ave. Suite 200, Memphis, Tn. 38111 Ph.{901-452-9676}email{} Stevphen Montgomery [friend] J&H Construction Co. Safety Manager Ph. {662-617-3991} email {} Brunetta Biggerstaff[sister]The American Bar Association, Consultant Ph. {708-503-1394}email{} KimberlyChristian[friend]Teacher Ph.{251-510-3646} email{} Hobbies I enjoy car restoration, the game of chess, dominoes, outdoor festivities, car shows, and listening to music. Interests and I enjoy playing basketball, football, drag racing, computers, and activities reading books.
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