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Desktop Dungeons v0.051 by Rodain Nandrew Joubert ------------LINKS 'N CONTACTS: Desktop Dungeons forum thread: t=13014 QCF Design (I do work here): Dev.Mag (I do more work here): Personal blog (I write here): Twitter (I talk crap here): E-mail (I receive compliments/suggestions here): Aaaand
  Desktop Dungeons v0.051by Rodain Nandrew Joubert-------------LINKS 'N CONTACTS:Desktop Dungeons forum thread: Design (I do work here): (I do more work here): blog (I write here): (I talk crap here): (I receive compliments/suggestions here): Game.Dev (I make games here!): What is this game about?Desktop Dungeons is an investigation into something that may (or may well not!)be a completely new idea: condensing the difficulty, depth and decision-making of a Roguelike into a more casual, quick-fire dungeon exploit. Complete play sessions ideally take as little as ten minutes, with score bonuses for quick boss kills.----------QUESTION: What are these tilesets all about?Desktop Dungeons supports custom dungeon tilesets for those who are artisticallyinclined. If you want to give the game a unique makeover (or use somebody else's custom set), shove a subfolder into the game's tilesets directory with someappropriately-named, transparency-enabled PNG files! You can use the default tileset's naming scheme as a reference. I'll try to streamline this whole process in later versions.----------QUESTION: Why is (insert feature here) only half-done?Desktop Dungeons is still in early-ish development and although a lot of core features are in place (including a global high score list!) it's still very much afledgling game experience. It's quite playable, but feedback and suggestions are still pretty much sought after. See above contact details.----------QUESTION: How do I play?Roguelikes are never simple affairs, and while this game strives to be as basicas possible, there's still quite a lot to explain. Players essentially navigate  through a randomly generated, grid-based dungeon while fighting monsters, levelling up and managing their resources well enough to fight and take down a level 10 dungeon boss . The interface is entirely mouse-driven and most of the objectsin the game can be interacted with simply by clicking on them. The rest shouldmake itself clear once you've played a few times.----------QUESTION: What are the most important things to know?(1) This game is DIFFICULT. I know everything there is to know about this thing(or at least I should) and I still don't win on every game run. That's half of the appeal, yo.(2) Pay attention to the mouseover text. It's going to provide you with 90% of the game's information.(3) Fight the low-level monsters first (level indicated by the number on the grid block). Even a monster just one level ahead of you can give you a world of grief.(4) Fight monsters A HIGHER LEVEL THAN YOU whenever you think you can actually pull it off. They provide steadily heavier experience bonuses as the level gap widens. Better yet, there's no experience penalty for fighting a monster that's alower level than you. Ambition yields great rewards.(5) Pay careful attention to who strikes first in combat - the order matters! With most characters, the enemy will strike first unless it's a lower level than you.(6) Try finding a use for all of your glyphs. If you can't find a use for them,convert them into much needed character bonuses instead! (R-CLICK)(7) Exploring new dungeon areas gives you precious regeneration points: when lowon health and mana, explore a few tiles instead of quaffing potions.(8) I'm not joking, this game is difficult. If you're used to winning things allthe time, back off. If you're used to Roguelikes, then welcome! Let me know ifI've done the job properly.----------QUESTION: Where is credit due on this project?Although I've made a lot of the game myself thus far, I need to thank the members of the Game.Dev community for all of their feedback and suggestions. Additional thanks in particular go to:== RICHARD RAMSBOTTOM ( ==... for some pretty wicked tiles to relieve the world of my horrible programmerart. He's a handy graphics guy currently looking for freelance work.== HERMAN TULLEKEN ==... for creating the sounds and background jingles -- without those, I'd probably have to have created them myself. And that sort of thing can get REALLY ugly.== MIKTAR DRACON ==... for a really rad piece of fan art that can be seen during the Desktop Dungeons loading screen. Check the expression on that goat's face! Ahh, good times.  == ROBBIE FRASER ==... for colouring in the aforementioned fan art.== QCF DESIGN ( ==... for loads of gameplay concepts and providing me with a way to earn some bread and butter while I busy myself with this mad contraption.Button clicks and sword strikes were lifted from leaderboard service provided by handy and convenient service. :D
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